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Facelift Cloud is a multi-certified software solution with all components for professional social media marketing at an enterprise level – optimized for the most important channel: Facebook.

All the benefits of Facelift Cloud at a glance

Multi-certified software solution with all components for professional social marketing.
Enables a centralized and efficient management of all activities on Facebook and other social networks.
Supports all marketing objectives from brand communication to performance marketing.
ISO 27001 certified and hosted in Germany to highest standards for data security.
Consolidates all aspects such as workflow management, templating, data exchange, content pooling, roles/permissions management, and documentation.
Offers a multitude of unique mechanisms for conversion optimization including dynamic landing pages that automatically generate personalized campaigns.
A cloud solution that is scalable on enterprise level and that can be interlinked with CRM-/Shop-/ERP systems such as Salesforce, Magento, or SAP.
The Facelift Cloud is one of only a few SaaS solutions worldwide that is distinguished not only as a Facebook Marketing Partner but also as an Instagram Partner.

More than 1,000 brands worldwide already work with the Facelift Cloud.