Success Story

Alnatura - "36% More Fans on Facebook and 278% More Followers on Instagram"

36% More Fans on Facebook and 278% More Followers on Instagram

Key facts:

  • Cross-platform increase in digital customer-service quality
  • Improvement of the response rate and speed with the Facelift Cloud
  • Number of Facebook fans increased by 36% compared to last year

The economist Dr. Götz Rehn founded Alnatura in 1984. In 2015, the company had 2,530 employees along with an annual turnover of 760 million Euros. In 2016, the 100th Alnatura „Super Natural Market“ opened in Berlin. At the core of Alnatura’s corporate philosophy: holistic thinking along with customer-oriented and disciplined action.


...Alnatura uses the Facelift Cloud to improve customer interactions on various social networks. Since 100% of all conversations can be traced on the Facebook company page thanks to the Facelift Cloud, the previous internal handovers...

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